Ukulele University III
July 18 - 20, 2014
Bend, Oregon

FAQ for Ukulele University

Ukulele University

What is Ukulele University?

Ukulele University is dedicated to promoting the Aloha Spirit through friendship and ukulele music. Planned activities include classes with talented musicians from around the region, jams, open mic, live performances, and the opportunity to spend time with good people from throughout the ukulele community.

When is Ukulele University being held this year?

Ukulele University is Friday, July 18 to Sunday, July 20.

Where is Ukulele University held?

Runway Ranch, just east of Bend, Oregon, is the site of Ukulele University. Runway Ranch is also the home of the High and Dry Bluegrass Festival in August. With several open-air stages and many places for classes, jams and camping, it is a wonderful outdoor facility. Directions are available here.


What is the camping like?

There is a tent (and small trailer) camping area with parking spots, picnic tables and lots of juniper trees. RV camping is available in the open field.

Can I use a generator?

We encourage people with generators to park at the far end of the RV camping area or to limit their use during "quiet times".

How many people can the campsites accommodate?

8 people and 2 vehicles. The vehicles are parked in a separate area to conserve space and promote a friendly atmosphere.

What kind of amenities are in the camping area?

Portable toilets are located in the camping area and stage area. There's washing water in the tent camping area. Plan on bringing drinking and cooking water. There is no electricity.

Is there a handicapped camping area?

Yes! It's close to the stage and a short distance to the Port-a-Potties as well. Please let us know you need that space upon arrival.

What if I don't want to camp?

There are many hotels in Bend, just 20 minutes away from Runway Ranch. Please visit for a complete list.


Is food available for purchase during the festival?

There will be food vendors on site.


Well-behaved dogs are welcome in the camping area on a leash. Please refrain from bringing dogs into the performance area, and please remember to pick up after your dog! Many thanks!


Are there classes for all levels?

Yes! We'll have a variety of classes ranging from beginner to advanced with some workshops focused on specific topics, like strumming.

What is the schedule?

Classes are offered on Friday and Saturday. There will be open mics and performances on Friday and Saturday with a Sunday morning play-along before graduation. The lastest version of the schedule is available here.

Smoking and fires

The homeowners respectfully ask attendees to refrain from smoking outside of their vehicles, as the fire danger is high during the summer. Open fires and fireworks are not allowed for the same reason.

What will the weather be over the weekend?

Hopefully sunny days! Nights can be cold in the desert, so bring warm clothes.

What absolute items should I bring with me?

Sunglasses, shade (awnings and such), sunscreen, low beach camp chairs (to keep other viewers in mind), blankets to sit on, plenty of water, flashlight or headlamp, and your ukulele.

How do I get in touch with Ukulele University?

You can send an email to

Ukulele University is on facebook.